Past Webinars 

February 20, 2020 – Major and Planned Gifts

Anatomy of a Planned Giving Visit
 Wendy Cornett-Marquitz, CFRE, SVP of Philanthropy/CDO,
Gateway Region YMCA in St. Louis, Mo.

Visiting with a loyal supporter is a very rewarding experience. One that we all know is vital to continued stewardship of those relationships. Yet, many of us overthink the visit, over research our loyal supporter and do not allow the conversation to find its own flow. This webinar will provide steps to a simple and successful legacy/planned giving conversation. You will learn about the tools to provide simple and successful planned giving conversations, resulting in a comfort level with loyal supporters without all the research they previously thought was needed. And, you'll see how to develop long-term stewardship plans for loyal supporters.

Targeted Audiences:
SMY: Small and Mid-Size YMCAs
EX:   Executive Directors, CEOs, COOs
SFD: Seasoned Financial Development Staff
NFD: New Financial Development Staff


Slide deck      Gateway Region YMCA Lamplighter Brochure

January 16, 2020 – Major and Planned Gifts

Major Gifts in 4 Simple Steps: How to Start and Grow Individual Giving at Your YMCA
Amy Eisenstein, ACFRE

This webinar is for executive directors and development staff who want to raise significantly more money for their organizations by making the leap into major gifts fundraising, but haven’t had the courage or know-how to get started. Most nonprofit professionals are not effectively soliciting major gifts for their organizations. If you want to start or grow your individual giving/major gifts program, this webinar is for you. Whether a major gift for your organization is $1,000 or $10,000, you will learn how to ask and receive more major gifts this year. Learn how to identify the best prospects for your YMCA and narrow your list. Identify the best cultivation strategies and make a plan for each donor. Discover solicitation do's and don'ts. Understand the important role of stewardship in getting the next gift.

Targeted Audiences:

NFD: New Financial Development Staff
SFD: Seasoned Financial Development Staff
EX: Executive Directors, CEOs, COOs
SMY: Small and Mid-Size YMCAs

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December 19, 2019 – Special Interest/Stewardship

Practical Stewardship Advice for Everyday Fundraisers
Adam Clevenger, CFRE, Loring, Sternberg and Associates

Successful stewardship is proven to increase gift frequency and amounts. However, staff members devote the least amount of their time to stewardship. Stewardship starts with the “thank you” and can be implemented by simple and effective steps, leading to the next gift and greater donor loyalty. In this session, participants will learn five key features for improving their thank you letters, develop a stewardship calendar to intentionally plan stewardship moves, and receive stewardship examples to take back to their Ys. Regardless of portfolio, number of donors, or time allotted to stewardship, this session will help fundraisers manage and improve stewardship.

Targeted Audiences:

NFD: New Financial Development Staff
SFD: Seasoned Financial Development Staff
EX: Executive Directors, CEOs, COOs
BD: Board Members
FV: Fundraising Volunteers
SMY: Small and Mid-Size YMCAs

Adam's slide deck

November 21, 2019 – Special Interest/Direct Mail

P.S. Don’t Forget Direct Mail
Rachel Bowman, Chief Advancement Officer, YMCA of Coastal Georgia

 Looking for ways to increase member giving, find buried treasure in your database, enhance your ability to tell your story effectively to more people in less time, and encourage donors to increase their gifts? Direct Mail – it’s not your grandma’s fundraising vehicle! Explore the ways direct mail can enhance your annual campaign and increase your donor base while also serving as your most effective storytelling and data and information collection tool. Learn firsthand from the YMCA of Coastal Georgia about how direct mail is fast becoming one of the most important and effective tools for donor acquisition.

Targeted Audiences:

SMY: Small and Mid-Size YMCAs
EX: Executive Directors, CEOs, COOs
MC: Marketing and Communications Staff
SFD: Seasoned Financial Development Staff
NFD: New Financial Development Staff

Rachel's slide deck

October 24, 2019 – Annual Campaign

Energizing Your Annual Campaign – Steps to Take
All Year Long

Marcy Heim, CFRE

It's time to rethink the annual campaign. From the second you meet to pick a campaign theme to the last celebration for going over the goal, what steps can you take to maximize the delight of your donors to invest in the Y? How do you empower your board and staff to see themselves as ambassadors for the mission of the Y and jump in the engage, inspire and even ask for support during the annual campaign and throughout the year? Marcy will show you how to think about the Annual Campaign differently, have specific steps to implement throughout the year, introduce specific major giving projects as part of the Annual Campaign and engage the board in all phases with givers, not just the ask.

Targeted Audiences:

SFD: Seasoned Financial Development Staff
MC: Marketing and Communications Staff
PM: Program and Membership Directors
EX: Executive Directors, CEOs, COOs
BD: Board Members
FV: Fundraising Volunteers
SMY: Small and Mid-Size YMCAs

Slide deck 
Artful Ask Worksheet

September 17, 2019 – Annual Campaign

All In: Engaging Entry-Level Staff to CEOs to Boards in Philanthropy
Bruce Ham, Chief Development Officer, YMCA of the Triangle

I often hear YMCAs struggle to get all levels of the organization engaged in the philanthropic experience. Our Y has made significant progress in getting staff, from the entry-level director to the CEO and a significant percentage of our policy volunteers engaged in philanthropy. I think all Ys need to help develop a culture of philanthropy at ALL levels of the organization. This webinar will help you to develop strategies for getting Board Members engaged in philanthropic initiatives, getting entry-level directors engaged in philanthropy, and for motivating your CEO to strongly support philanthropic initiatives.

Targeted Audiences:

NFD: New Financial Development Staff
SFD: Seasoned Financial Development Staff
MC: Marketing and Communications Staff
PM: Program and Membership Directors
EX: Executive Directors, CEOs, COOs
BD: Board Members
FV: Fundraising Volunteers
SMY: Small and Mid-Size YMCAs

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August 15, 2019 – Board and Volunteer Development

Why Board Members Hate Fundraising & How to Fix It 
Rachel Muir, CFRE  

Do you have board members who are “allergic” to fundraising? Few things are more critical to your nonprofit’s health, success and sustainability than an effective board of directors. Ready for a one-hour board makeover? Our special guest Rachel Muir, CFRE has your back! If you are ready to transform your D list to an A list come discover:  

• How to turn board members into fundraising superheroes without making an ask
• The recipe for “graceful exits” for board members who need to move on
• Tools and templates to manage your board (including a sample board contract) 

Targeted Audiences:

NFD: New Financial Development Staff
SFD: Seasoned Financial Development Staff
EX: Executive Directors, CEOs, COOs
SMY: Small and Mid-Size YMCAs

Slide deck 

Tuesday, July 23, 2019 - Board/Volunteer Development

Engaging Millennials in Board & Financial Development

Jarrod Williams, Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA & Nikole Constas, Fundraising Consultant 

Millennials are the largest generation in the United States labor force but many Ys struggle to engage this demographic at the board, staff and fund development levels.  This presentation will help you identify, engage, recruit, and retain millennials as volunteers and donors. Jarrod and Nikole are NAYDO Young Professionals Alumni. 

As a result of this webinar, participants will find out how to identify where to look and how to find cause-driven millennials for board leadership and philanthropy; learn how to develop strategies to best engage the next generation of donors and board leadership; discover how to recruit and retain millennials as board volunteers; acquire donor-centered strategies for introducing millennials to philanthropy; and learn proven strategies for keeping millennials involved in the Y.

Target Audience:

Seasoned Financial Development Staff
New Financial Development Staff
Executive Directors, CEOs, COOs
Board Members
Fundraising Volunteers
Small and Mid-Size YMCAs

Slide deck 

June 20, 2019 - Capital Development

The Pentagon of Campaign Leadership: The CEO, CDO, Board, Campaign Steering Committee and Staff  – Craig Shelley, Orr Group

As our capital campaigns get larger and increasing comprehensive campaigns become the norm, success is truly a team effort.  The CEO, CDO, Board, Campaign Steering Committee and staff all have roles to play independently and together to ensure success.

This session will define and differentiate the role of each of these key campaign leaders; explore the staffing and volunteer structures required for success; and, establish the framework for sustainable campaign leadership that protects against the transition of both staff and volunteer leaders.

Target audience: SFD, EX, BD

Slide deck


May 16, 2019 - Capital Development

Is Capital Feasible for Your Y?  Danny Maier, Donor By Design Group

Is a capital campaign on your horizon?  How do you know what your goal should be?  Is your case strong enough? Do you have the leadership capable of leading a campaign?  Are there enough prospects to hit your goal? Do you even need a feasibility study?  In this session, we'll identify the essential elements of any properly conducted feasibility study and the key questions you need to know to ask in order to move forward confidently. Dan will also share actual feasibility cases and study reports for your review as he shares his "Top 10 Lessons" and "Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid" with quite a few surprises.  Participants will learn the key deliverables any good feasibility study should provide and what a feasibility study can and can't tell you; discover common mistakes to avoid in preparation; and learn how feasibility studies have changed over the years and what to look for in a partner for the study.

Target audience: NFD, SFD, EX, BD, SMY

Slide deck

Presented by Danny Maier, Donor By Design Group


2019.04.18 - Magnifying Data to Maximize Dollars 

YMCA Program and Development/Marketing staff come together to show real-world examples of how to work together to strengthen your case for support. You will learn how to maximize donor dollars by effectively communicating program impact. This webinar will briefly look at the importance and growing trends of evidence-based program requirements from the funder's perspective. Participants will learn where to find useful data sources, templates for tracking program data and tips for managing data. We will present examples of how to communicate and visually engage the public, grantors and major donors. Participants will see graphic designs of trend maps, sponsorship packets, program brochures, infographics, social media ideas, case for support, donor campaigns, member newsletters and so much more. At the end of the session, we will share the tools we used and a real-world example of donor cultivation using what we have learned.  As a result of this webinar, participants will learn best practices for collecting program data/outcomes to increase your program funding and discover how to cultivate donors with data that is meaningful and engaging.

Target audience: SFD, NFD, MC, PD

Slide deck
Readiness Worksheet
Data Outcomes Examples

Presented by Amanda Metzger & Tracie Rickborn, Summerville Family YMCA 

2019.03.19 - How to Stay Lean and Mean at the Social Media Buffet

There are over 340 social networking websites listed on Wikipedia – today.  The numbers change daily.  How do we, as social marketers, figure out which platforms are worth our time, effort, dollars and content?  What are we marketing? Who are we marketing to?  How do we do it, keep it up-to-date, organized and relevant?  Oh, and stay focused on our cause and our Y messaging. This webinar will specifically touch on: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and Pinterest.  You can decide which platforms work for your Y and which don’t.  Each one has its own culture that may or may not work for your Y.  Let’s figure it out!

Target audience: MC, EX, PD, SMY

Slide Deck

Presented by Rebecca Thorpe, Whitman College


2019.02.21 - How to Become A Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE)

Learn everything you wanted to know about becoming a CFRE, including:
- Benefits of becoming a CFRE
- Application requirements
- Application tips
- Exam dates and fees
- Talking to your employer about supporting you towards becoming a CFRE
- Recertification
- Plus a live Q&A to have your questions addressed

About the CFRE

The CFRE is the only accredited, globally recognized certification for fundraising professionals. To earn CFRE certification, fundraising professionals must meet education, professional practice, and professional performance requirements; pass a comprehensive exam on best practices in ethical fundraising; and attest that they are knowledgeable and abide by the International Statement of Ethical Principles in Fundraising as well as laws governing fundraising in their region of practice.

Target audience: All

*This webinar does not qualify for CFRE credit because it does not have any fundraising content.*

Slide Deck
Test Content Outline
Candidate Handbook
Start Your CFRE Application

Presented by Lesley Phillips, CFRE International and Christina Harley, YMCA of Southwestern Ontario


2018.01.17 - Leveraging Your Anniversay Celebration with a Major Gifts Campaign

Leveraging your anniversary or special celebration is a great opportunity for a Major Gift Campaign.  Find out how Camp Manito-wish YMCA & YMCA Camp Coniston planned their 100th Anniversary celebrations. Camp Manito-wish YMCA planned a Major Gift Campaign leading up to its 100th Anniversary. YMCA Camp Coniston used its 100th Anniversary Celebration to lead into a Major Gift Campaign. As a result of this workshop, participants will learn how to plan a special anniversary event; become aware of how to plan a campaign; find out how to leverage the campaign and special event anniversary to maximize development opportunity.

Target audience: NFD, SFD, EX, BD, SMY

Slide deck
Communication Samples

Presented by Anne Derber, Camp Manito-Wish YMCA and John Tilley, YMCA Camp Coniston


2018.12.20 - Pro Tip: Bridging the Gap between Development and Operations

In this webinar, learn how one Y navigated around obstacles and barriers that naturally arise between operations and fundraising at the YMCA.  By prioritizing a foundational relationship between the branch staff and financial development team, you can positively impact the culture of philanthropy, engaging staff and volunteers of all levels. Participants will understand the importance and impact of the collaborations between findev and branch staff, gain tips and tools to establish and maintain good report, learn how to successfully integrate association staff into branch operations and their team, and leave with an action for first steps to build a strong relationship.


Target audience: NFD, SFD, EX, PM, BD, SMY

Slide deck

Presented by Sarah Breece and Sara Biancofiori, Greater Seattle YMCA


2018.11.08 - Recruiting Diverse Boards

Participants will be prompted to discuss and learn about the importance of diverse boards and learn strategies to identify and recruit diverse boards. They will also be introduced to a model of a series of Nominating Committee meetings that begin with identifying board gaps, prospecting, and making the ask. Learnings will be tied to benefits of a diverse board, including philanthropy work. Participants will explore how a diverse board aligns with the Y mission and the development of Cause-Driven Leaders; learn how to develop strategies to identify volunteers that represent and reflect the communities being served; understand the role and structure of a Volunteer Nominating Committee; and learn about a volunteer prospecting and nominating process model.

Target audience: NFD, SFD, EX, BD, FV, SMY

Slide deck

Presented by Melissa Oliver, YMCA of the Triangle Area


2018.10.11 - Connect the Dots: Strong Culture, Engaged Employees & Philanthropy

When a Y's culture is more centered on transactions than the life-changing impact it creates, staff, volunteers and members are less likely to understand that they are a vital part of a charitable nonprofit, and therefore, are less likely to offer their time or financial resources to support the Y's cause. Hear success stories from Ys that attribute their increase in dollars raised to an intentional focus on their Ys' culture through small, but effective enhancements to Y leaders' engagement to staff. In addition, receive plug-and-play tools and resources to implement at your Y as part of new hire orientations and ongoing employee training programs.

Target audience: NFD, SFD, EX, PD, MC, SMY

Slide deck

Presented by Sara Ryan, YMCA of the USA and Courtney Cordero, YMCA of San Diego County


2018.09.21 - A Donor's Journey: How to Create an Experience for Your Philanthropic Investors

Whether you are a donor that gives $250, $1,000 or $10,000, creating a dynamic experience for your philanthropic investor is crucial to the cultivation and retention efforts of your organization. This workshop is designed to share strategies from Ys and other non-profits across the country on how to create impactful experiences through program visits, stewardship efforts and meaningful one-on-one time. By learning how to ask an individual's permission to become more connected, you will begin the journey with them to lead to a sustainable and renewable giving track. Join us for this workshop that will inspire you to try new things and lead your donors on a journey of a lifetime with your YMCA! As a result of this workshop, participants, will leave with at least 5 new examples of things they can do with donors to deepen their relationship with the Y; learn how to connect donors to different opportunities within the organization to see impact that is created through giving; and discover how to ask for permission to engage donors further in the Y cause.

Target audience: NFD, SFD, MC, SMY - Intermediate

Stewardship Examples

Presented by Michelle LaRue and Toby Roberts, YMCA of Pierce & Kitsap Counties

2018.08.16 - Plug & Play: How to Simplify Fundraising for Your Volunteers

Every Y needs the board and staff to work together to raise dollars to support their important mission work, and yet the relationship between staff and volunteers can get strained during a campaign. It's time to simplify things and become more volunteer-centric.  Let's focus on the cycle of philanthropy and allow volunteers to plug into one of the 5 steps where they fit best. Successful fundraising is about partnership, not money.  Based on a proven success formula that begins with mindset, you will be prepared to enroll an abundance of amazing ambassadors to help you reach your goals faster after this highly interactive session!  As a result of this workshop, participants will adopt a new way of thinking about how to work more successfully in partnership with volunteers; utilize the cycle of philanthropy to select specific tactics that engage volunteers in an individualized way and eliminate the stress; identify where to find more ambassadors to support fundraising activities; and create a simple actionable plan they can implement right away.

Target audience: ALL

Plug & Play Slide deck
Webinar Discussion Guide

Presented by Cindi Phallen, Create Possibility 


2018.07.19 - Scouting, Recruiting and Coaching Big "L" Leaders for a Great Volunteer Board

Leadership is everything. A strong leadership team will not only help you meet today’s challenges but will also help you achieve your vision for the future. How do you make sure your board is able and willing to help your Y achieve its philanthropic goals? “Big L” Leaders don’t join your board by accident. A strong board requires continual cultivation. This session will address how to recruit and retain strong leaders for your board and/or volunteer committees.


Target audience: ALL

Presented by Bruce Berglund and Robin Jordan, Donor By Design Group


2018.06.21 - Capital Campaign Readiness and Advice Meetings

Are you getting ready to plan a capital campaign - then don't miss out hearing about your choices for approaching prospective donors to determine the feasibility of a campaign for your Y. Conducting a feasibility study is the traditional way to assess case, volunteer leadership, and prospective donors. What if you parlay this traditional concept into a fresh new approach – advice meetings? Understand the importance of advice meetings as a strategic approach to feasibility studies to help cultivate prospective donors and leaders for a Y capital campaign.

Learn how to leverage major gifts as the bridge to prospective capital campaign donors and an important part of the bundle approach when asking donors to give to the YMCA cause.


Target audience: SFD, EX

Presented by Darlene Hepburn, YMCA of Greater Vancouver


2018.05.10 - Communications Before, During and After A Capital Projects

About to launch your capital campaign but don't know where to start in regards to marketing and communication materials?  In the middle of your campaign, but need to improve your case for support?  Join us for this session to understand what is needed for successful capital communication before, during and after your campaign. You will leave this webinar with a specific, actionable communications checklist as well as sample materials as presenters walk you through a case study of the La Jolla YMCA's successful $15.5 million capital campaign.

Target audience: SFD, MC, EX

Additional Resources:
Capital Campaign Communications Slide deck
La Jolla YMCA Vision Book Example
Expansion and Renovation Letter
Golden Opportunity Booklet
Golden Nugget Newsletter
Golden Opportunity FAQ
Construction Letter to Members

Parking Letter
Extra Steps 123 Flyer
Extra Steps Card
Extra Steps for the Y T-shirt Design
Pooling Resources - Where To Swim
Fish Out of Water Flyer
Fish Out of Water T-shirt Design
Making A Splash T-shirt Design

Presented by Sue Ball and Sarah Iantosca White, YMCA of San Diego County


2018.04.19 - Developing a Year-Round Comprehensive Fundraising Strategy

In this session, we'll examine the best of year-round fundraising efforts from camps and Ys around the US to help participants prepare to craft their own year-round, comprehensive fundraising strategies. Capital, grants, annual campaign and endowment/legacy giving will be addressed. Unique strategies in donor identification and stewardship will be examined. We'll share templates and tools we've discovered along the journey. Bring your creative ideas! 

Target audience: NFD, SFD, EX, Camp Staff

Additional Resources:
Strategizing Your Year-Round Fundraising Plan
YMCA Camp Seymour Year-Round Fundraising Plan 2017-18

Presented by Scotty Jackson and Diane Jackson, YMCA of Pierce & Kitsap Counties, Camp Seymour


2018.03.15 - Augmenting Reality: Adding Digital to the Physical to Communicate Your Cause

PokemonGo might be a fad - but the technology behind it isn't. How can you stay ahead of the tech game and become relevant with an audience craving social interaction? In this webinar you'll learn how to add life to your print pieces, draw members to your Y locations, communicate your cause, and create a new audience - while cutting costs doing it! 

Target audience: NFD, MC, PD


Presented by Chris Farias, Kitestring Creative Branding


2018.02.22 - Assessing Your YMCA's Readiness for a Planned Giving Program

When implementing or re-energizing a planned giving program, it is not enough to simply state that your organization accepts planned gifts. This webinar will cover prospecting and stewardship, and use a case study of a re-engagement strategy that resulted in a significant commitment in legacy expectancies. It will also cover the types of planned gifts an organization can accept, and the pros and cons of accepting certain types of gifts.

Target audience: SFD, EX


Presented by Bart Landess and Aileen LaBorie

Additional Resources:
Webinar Slide Deck
Gift Acceptance Policies for YMCAs
Planned Giving Choices (story)
Questions for Potential Donors


2018.01.18 - 3 Secrets to Raising Major Gifts You Can't Survive Without

Donor stewardship is so much more than a thank you note and a tax receipt. It’s about deepening donors’ connections to our organization, sharing how we deliver on their desires to make a difference, and demonstrating the impact of the work that they make possible through their support. This webinar will provide a foundational overview of the four components of donor stewardship - Acknowledgement, Recognition, Reporting and Engagement – and share practical examples from both local Ys and other non-profit organizations.

Target audience: NFD, SFD, EX, BD, FV


Presented by Amy Eisenstein, ACFRE

Additional Resources:
Webinar Slide Deck


2017.12.14 - Beyond the Thank You Note - The Importance of Year-Round Stewardship

Donor stewardship is so much more than a thank you note and a tax receipt. It’s about deepening donors’ connections to our organization, sharing how we deliver on their desires to make a difference, and demonstrating the impact of the work that they make possible through their support. This webinar will provide a foundational overview of the four components of donor stewardship - Acknowledgement, Recognition, Reporting and Engagement – and share practical examples from both local Ys and other non-profit organizations.

Target audience: ALL


Presented by Mary Kay Polston, CFRE, YMCA of the USA

Additional Resources:
Webinar Slide Deck


2017.11.16 - Strategies for Raising More Money in Your Annual Campaign - YMCA Pilot Results

YMCA of the USA & NAYDO have embarked on three-year Pilot Project with 10 different YMCAs from across North America to test and evaluate different strategies and approaches for increasing supporter revenue and enhancing donor retention.  The first year’s results are in and they are exciting. Collectively, the YMCAs in the Pilot Project have significantly increased their annual campaign revenue, improved supporter engagement and are on-track to increase overall supporter numbers by making a few simple changes to the ways in which appeals are positioned to prospects and donors stewarded between campaigns.  


Learn more about the necessary strategies for increasing donor support, and the statistical evidence that these approaches genuinely work in YMCAs of all shapes and sizes.

Target audience: NFD, SFD, FV


Presented by Jeff Dubberley and Scott Koblyk, Cygnus Applied Research

Additional Resources:
Webinar Slide Deck
Annual Campaign Recommendations
YMCA Stewardship Materials - Donor Impact Reports
YMCA Stewardship Materials - Impact Video Guide
YMCA Stewardship Materials - Thank You Call Scripts
YMCA Stewardship Materials - Thank You Letters
Volunteer Training Agenda Sample
Volunteer Training Case Studies
Video for Y Leadership
Video for Volunteer Training

2017.10.19 - Six Winning Strategies That Really Work

What compels donors and volunteers to be a part of your Annual Campaign?  We will look at proven strategies that have worked in successful campaigns with an emphasis on the practical application of six winning strategies and how they can work in campaigns of any size. Learn more about how the YMCA of the Triangle Area successfully implemented these strategies for double-digit growth in their annual campaign. (Bruce surprised us with an extra five!)

Target audience: NFD, SFD, EX, BD

Presented by Bruce Ham, YMCA of the Triangle Area


2017.09.21 - Crafting A Clear, Concise & Compelling Case for Support

If you woke up tomorrow and the Y didn’t exist, what would the community miss? Hear how the YMCA of Greater Charlotte used answers to that question to craft a clear, consistent and compelling case for philanthropic support. Learn how they took their association’s collective case of 30+ programs and services and transformed it into three cause-driven impact statements. Techniques to refine, clarify and lead with impact will be discussed along with how to create a case framework that allows for flexibility by branch and maximizes the power of storytelling.

Presented by Jen Harman, YMCA of Greater Charlotte

Case for Support PowerPoint


2017.08.24 - Five Board Development Lessons from a Fishmonger

Did you ever hear the expression, “A fish rots from the head first”? Now think about your organization; leadership is everything. What can a fishmonger teach you about board development? As it turns out, quite a bit. From identifying and recruiting board members to engaging them in effective fundraising, advice from over the fish counter will be applicable to your Y. Your fishmonger’s advice may help you in the selection of the right board members, to preparing them for service or cutting the line on the wrong fish. This session will explore your board’s involvement in Y philanthropy and ways staff can create advocates for your cause.

Presented by Adam Clevenger, CFRE; Loring, Sternberg & Associates

AFP Board Member Expectation Statement
Sample "Slacker Tracker"

2017.06.15 - My First Capital Campaign...Oh, The Lessons I Learned!

Bruce Ham shares the experience with his first capital campaign; the strategies to employ, common mistakes, successes so far and the comprehensive effort.  You will come away from the webinar better understanding some rookie mistakes and easy successes the first time you are involved in a capital campaign as well as learn how to work with and manage annual and capital campaigns at the same time.

Presented by Bruce Ham, YMCA of the Triangle Area

2017.05.18 - Anchors for a Successful Campaign

It is what you do before you embark on a capital campaign that ensures success. We will look at eight anchors that set the stage for an incredible campaign. Successful campaign planning begins years before you make the first ask!

Presented by Jeff Jowdy, Lighthouse Counsel

2017.04.20 - A Field Experiment in Philanthropy

Ever thought about what motivates your donors? Have you considered these motivations for membership, or better yet, member-donors too? In partnership with the University of Chicago and YMCA of the Triangle Area, Y-USA embarked on a project to understand the connection between philanthropy and membership. In this webinar we’ll review the academic paper that was written after performing a field experiment in philanthropy and the implications it can have on private vs. pro-social motivations.

Presented by Ryan Johnson; YMCA of the USA, Luigi Butera; University of Chicago

2017.03.16 - WHY the Y: Collecting and Sharing Impact Stories

As YMCA’s, we can do all the best things in the world – the most innovative programs and the greatest possible community impact – but if we can’t get more people through our doors, we can’t change more lives. This webinar will explore the power of strategic storytelling as a driver of participation and philanthropy, from creating an internal storytelling culture to sharing those stories of impact in the places and in the ways that your audience can truly hear them. The session will include a mix of strategy, case studies and practical tips and tricks.

WHY the Y presentation

Presented by Lindsay Sage; YMCA of Western Ontario

2017.02.16 - #DonorLove and Other URGes

Our commercial friends talk about USP, or Unique Selling Proposition, which defines what makes your company or product different. The Agents of Good have taken this idea and turned it into URG or Unique Reason to Give. URG is a framework for you to see your organization from your donor’s point of view. This simple but critical shift from ‘we’ to ‘you’ will help put the donor at the heart of everything you do! Learn how to use this framework to help develop and crystalize your URG, and share it with your various communities of members, donors, volunteers and staff. In addition, we’ll share ideas and strategies for bringing more #donorlove to your fundraising and communications programs!

#DonorLove and Other URGes

Due to a technical glitch this webinar was not recorded.

Presented by Jen Love; Agents of Good and Juniper Locilento; YMCA of Greater Toronto

2017.01.19 - Growing and Nurturing Major Gifts

While donors at all levels deserve our sincere appreciation, top of the pyramid donors require a higher level of care and feeding.  During this webinar we will explore the power of the “top 20”, the critical role of stewardship and why lions don’t eat field mice! Together we will build your Y’s case for why major gifts matter and we will share some proven strategies to grow and retain donors at the highest levels.

Presented by Jon Simons; Donor By Design Group

2016.12.15 - Advocacy and Fundraising: Better Together

Federal funding can be an important part of your YMCA’s diverse funding mix to expand or enhance programs that advance the Y cause. Learn from Y-USA staff about a tool to help you identify federal funding opportunities available to Ys and why it’s important to advocate for these funding streams.

Presented by Kelly Kennai, Megan Heavrin and Linda Hanson-Dorst; YMCA of the USA

2016.11.17 - The Art and Science of Retaining Digital Donors

Retention is your most important fundraising strategy, and your online donors are seriously at risk. Among all your donors, they are the least likely to renew their gifts – unless you take specific, creative steps to engage and thank them. This session will help you discover how to maximize the retention rates of your digital donors. We will examine the attributes of online donors and outline the retention strategies that work best for this slice of your donor database.

The Art and Science of Retaining Digital Donors

Due to a technical glitch this webinar was not recorded. However, you can access Steven's e-book (and lots of other great resources) here. He is also presenting on this topic at the 2017 NAYDO Conference.

Presented by Steven Shattuck; Bloomerang

2016.10.20 - Annual Campaign Measures for Success

There is more to annual campaign success than just the dollars raised. This presentation will be a detailed illustration of successful metrics related to: value of renewed gifts versus new gifts; segmenting gift amounts for maximum stewardship and cultivation; measuring effective solicitation by volunteers; pledges versus collections; and targeting donors for increased gifts. In addition to identifying methods for measuring your campaign’s effectiveness you will be able to assess opportunities in your own annual campaign that will generate the greatest return on investment.

Additional resources:
Annual Campaign Standards
Annual Campaign Standards - Report
Annual Fund Donor Stats
Generosity Report

Presented by D. Todd Gray; YMCA of the USA

2016.09.15 - Building Cause-Driven Engagement Habits

Creating an experience where staff, volunteers and members are connected and committed to our charitable cause takes a small amount of effort each and every day. The YMCAs of Austin, Houston and San Antonio came together to design and test new resources that can be incorporated into daily operations to more deeply engage staff, volunteers and members in our cause. Explore simple and tangible steps you can implement to build cause-driven engagement habits and routines in your Y on a daily basis.

Presented by Kathy Kuras and Sara Ryan; YMCA of the USA

2016.08.18 - Aligning Leadership in Advancing a Culture of Philanthropy

The power of a year-round culture of philanthropy can only come to life when leadership is in sync. Learn how, through intentional work in aligning the Board of Directors, senior staff and branch leadership, one Y has experienced a 30% growth in their Annual Campaign since 2012 and how you can implement this work at your own Y.

Aligning Leadership slides
YMCA of Northwest North Carolina Financial Development Strategic Plan

Presented by Curt Hazelbaker; YMCA of Northwest North Carolina

2016.07.21 - Why Board Members Can’t Fundraise and What You Can Do About It

Learn and be able to share the fundamentals of development that lead to full board engagement. This session will share how to engage the board in a discussion of fundraising, create a comfort zone around what fundraising and development are, and how to build a board that can engage in the process to build relationship and raise money.

Presented by Dave Sternberg; Loring, Sternberg & Associates

2016.05.19 - Dual Asks: Managing an Annual Campaign While Undertaking a Capital Campaign

This webinar addresses the issue of managing annual and capital campaigns at the same time which requires both art and science to do effectively. Learn how to work with these campaigns simultaneously in addition to learning how to make a “dual ask” of both an annual and capital gift at the same time.

As a result of this workshop, participants will…
1) Learn the art of the dual ask when you have launched a capital effort during the timeframe of your annual campaign.
2) Learn how to work with and manage annual and capital campaigns at the same time

Presented by Erik Daubert, MBA, ACFRE, YMCA of the USA

2016.04.21 - Stories, Strategies & Social Media

Confusion on how to implement social media often leads to poor execution, low engagement and discordant online identities. This session will empower the audience to create better, more meaningful social engagement through strategy, story-telling and creating social media ambassadors with an eye towards philanthropic results.

Presented by Chris Farias, KITESTRING

2016.03.17 - Digital Face-to-Face

Learn how the strategic use of data will improve your case development, messaging, and impact storytelling.

Presented by Betsy Lenahan, YMCA of the USA

2016.02.18 - The University Approach to Major Gifts

We have big ideas for major gifts, and we know the potential.  However, there is often a gap between our vision and our ability to operationalize and resource the work.   And, unlike most Universities… a 20-person development team and full prospect research department probably isn’t in the cards.  So, how can we focus our work and mobilize the resources and potential we DO have in our organizations?  We will explore this in our session in which we’ll share learnings from year-round major gifts work.

Presented by Julie Sistrunk, YMCA of Middle Tennessee, Debbie Sontupe, Triangle2 Solutions, & Lacey LaPointe, Dallas Zoo

2016.01.21 - Endowment for Dummies

We all know endowment is critical but why is it always on the back burner? In this webinar learn the fundamentals of starting an endowment program: how to get started, organize your effort, sustain your effort, set goals, decide if you need an attorney (trick question) and the (ALL IMPORTANT) building your case for endowment support.

Presented by Dan Maier, Donor By Design Group

2015.12.17 - Supporting the Cause on Day 1

Hear how a team effort at a medium-size Y changed the way the member is welcomed to the Y and the different ways they are engaged from day 1, resulting in an increase in their members as donor percentages from 8% to over 14% in less than a year.

Presented by Carrie Bair-Norwood, YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region