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Reset ... A Work Day Away

Knowing how much of a challenge the circumstances around the pandemic have affected our staff, our COO, Beth Scheller and I were racking our brains to come up with a way to show appreciation to them but in a meaningful way. In our leadership chats on Zoom calls the word RESET kept coming up. Beth had an idea to give our exempt staff a RESET Day. Not a paid day off, but a day “AWAY” to do something fun for themselves but also to think about their work and maybe some new ways to approach FAB (Friendship, Achievement, Belonging) in their program areas.

We did this for 27 exempt staff during July 2020. No doubt it served several purposes! It made them feel appreciated, gave them a much needed break from the norm (whatever “norm” is anymore) and gave them a chance to breathe! Their response was amazing! Cost: small paper journals (approx. 3”x6”, purchased on Amazon), and $15 cash in each small envelope for staff to buy breakfast or lunch. Total = $430. Not a costly investment for a “refreshed” staff.

ResetYTown - instruction sheet

PowerPoint presentation (used on Zoom call with exempt staff)

RESET DAY Report – list of questions to guide Journal entries for follow-up report

Reset Day Labels: for front of packet envelope, type in names: used 5 ¾ x 8 ¾ invitation envelope.

Reset Journal Labels, type in names

RESET ENJOY labels – for lunch cash ($15)

Packet contents: instruction sheet, Journal, cash envelope, and list of questions they would be expected to report on. Note: Kudos to our friend from the Lake County YMCA, Elaine Bernard, who took our ideas and notes and created awesome graphics! Hang in there everyone and take a minute to breathe, or RESET! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Marykaye Carlson, Vice President of Advancement, YMCA OF YOUNGSTOWN    
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