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August 2021

Message from the NAYDO Chair  

Accomplishments and Appreciation

Dear Members,

For many of us, August means we’ve turned our attention from summer camp to afterschool, from fun in the sun to budget forecasting. Fall is in the air in Moncton! Before we become too busy with new priorities, I want to offer thanks, personally and on behalf of NAYDO Council, for the accomplishments of NAYDO volunteers.

Immediately following the April 2021 Conference, track deans turned their focus to 2022 and the call for presentations. Because of their dedication this summer, NAYDO 2022 has an impressive speaker lineup, workshop schedule, and additional educational opportunities.

The Host Y committee, the YMCA of Metropolitan Tampa, is busy planning special activities and events for the 2022 conference. And the YMCA of Greater Houston is well on its way in BIG Texas style as the 2023 Host YMCA.

Network coordinators and leaders, the Sponsors & Exhibitors team, and other committees are at work to provide the best in-person conference possible. Next April, it will have been three years since we’ve gathered together. We hope you will re-enroll as a member and be part of NAYDO 2022 in Tampa!

Thanks, too, to NAYDO Council members who say yes to my requests, and to NAYDO staff members Mary, Kristen, and Kathy for their time and talents.

Thank you, NAYDO members, for all that has been accomplished this past year. We appreciate your involvement and support, and we are grateful you are part of the NAYDO community.

In Y service,
Zane Korytko

NAYDO Council Chair
Chief Executive Officer | Directeur General
YMCA of Greater Moncton| YMCA du Grand Moncton

Membership Re-Enrollment Time is NOW through August 31

Reminder: The August webinar is the final webinar of your NAYDO Membership Year that ends August 31.

You will receive an email invite August 18 to re-activate your NAYDO Membership benefits in the Virtual Training Subscription database for the new NAYDO year that starts September 1. Be sure to:

ACCEPT the invitation 
UPDATE your contact information, so your benefits will continue uninterrupted through August of next year

Don’t miss the opportunity to continue to receive NAYDO communications like eDevelopments, participate in the monthly webinars and network events (see kickoff event announcement), remain qualified for the lowest conference rates, and eligible to apply for financial assistance - just a few reasons to act before August 31. Your Y’s NAYDO Association Contact is taking care of processing the payment, but you have to re-active your benefits yourself. Don’t miss the moment!

NAYDO Kickoff Event for ALL Networks

Tuesday, October 26, 1-2:30 pm Central / 2-3:30 pm Eastern

Join in the official kickoff of the 2021-2022 NAYDO Networks! After a 5-minute overview of NAYDO networks, Jordan Sommaggio, Community Development Director with the YMCA of Southern Nevada, will introduce everyone to several Developments in Development. These cross-cutting issues then will be discussed by each network in their own breakout groups. Though you may be part of several networks, you will select only one when you register for this event.

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For more information on Networks, contact the NAYDO Office or Erica Halpern, NAYDO Networks Coordinator. To receive event invitations by email, add a specific network to your record. Simply reply to this email or use this link to MODIFY your record and add it yourself.

Upcoming NAYDO Webinars

August 19, 1:30 p.m. Central / 2:30 p.m. Eastern
Endowment: The Bridge for Sustainability Between Today and Tomorrow

Presenter: Robyn Furness-Fallin CFRE, DBD Group

2020 showed the critical importance of endowments and reserved funds in helping a YMCA weather a storm, adapt facilities and programs quickly, and be a good partner in addressing community needs. In a changing fundraising environment, how do you make planned giving and growing the endowment fund a priority? On this webinar find out:

  • The critical importance of a strong endowment program to a sustainable future for your Y
  • Learn the fundamentals of a strong endowment program
  • Make the case for endowment with your leadership volunteers
  • Make the case for endowment with your donors – connect the now and later

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September 16, 1:30 pm Central/2:30 pm Eastern
U.S. Federal Earmarks are Back: Learn to Navigate the Process
Presenter: Katie Adamson, Vice President, Health Policy and Partnerships, Government Relations and Policy, YMCA of the USA

Congress eliminated “Earmarks” in 2011, because the process for Members to bring federal support back home to fund urgent and worthy special district projects was criticized by some as focusing too much on special interests and lacking appropriate transparency. For the first time in 10 years, Congress restored this Member-directed funding to a select number of Community Projects through the appropriations process. Now called “Community Project Funding,” these dollars are limited to nonprofits, municipalities, and state entities, carving out 1% of the federal budget to be equally divided between the House and the Senate, with each body specifying their own guidelines and timeline for the process.

This webinar will provide participants with a working knowledge of the Appropriations process and timing for applying for a Community Project request in the next federal budget cycle. Attendees will learn about different types of requests Ys can make, depending on the proposed project, the need to build a compelling case for the ask, and the importance of fostering even closer ties with congressional members throughout the year, so they understand the impact of the Y and their proposed project in their respective districts and state. 
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October 21, 1:30 pm Central / 2:30 pm Eastern
Mastering storytelling with social media to invite conversation, connection & conversion
Presenter: Martine Cadet, Social Media Content Coach and Creator, Kaderique Media Boutique LLC
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November 18, 1:30 pm Central / 2:30 pm Eastern
Rubber Stamps Don't Fundraise: Governance and Fundraising Go Hand in Hand
Presenter: Brian Saber, Asking Matters
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December 9 (one week earlier), 1:30 pm Central / 2:30 pm Eastern
Setting Your Course in an Era of Disruption and Uncertainty
Presenter: Damon Colaluca, Colaluca & Associates
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Thank you, Charlie Myer!

Congratulations to NAYDO Council Member Charlie Myer on his upcoming retirement at the end of September. Charlie has been involved in NAYDO for years and has provided expertise and leadership on Council. For the past 36 years, Charlie held positions at Ys around the country, including his current roles with the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas as Chief Development Officer and President of the Dallas YMCA Foundation. He started his Y career as a part-time weight room instructor, served as a branch executive, and also as a President & CEO. Charlie’s retirement will be spent in Massachusetts, closer to his kids and grandkids. Thanks, Charlie, for sharing your expertise and experience with NAYDO and YMCAs, and best wishes in retirement.


YMCA of the Okobojis is NAYDO Strong
By Nick Zimmer, Senior Consultant, American City Bureau

As a retired YMCA professional, former NAYDO Council member, and current campaign consultant, I believe becoming involved with NAYDO is the best possible strategic plan for you and your association. YMCAs with NAYDO involvement are better prepared and in a position to follow the best practices and processes in fund development.

Currently, American City Bureau consults with YMCA of the Okobojis in Spirit Lake, Iowa, on “Igniting a Healthy Legacy,” a $6.5M all-in-one sustainability/endowment/capital campaign. NAYDO set the stage for success by preparing staff and volunteer leaders to create a culture of philanthropy, engage in relationships throughout their community, conduct a feasibility study, plan the campaign, write a strong case for support, and adapt as needed.  

“The NAYDO 2019 Conference in Indianapolis was the starting point in our organization’s journey to embark on this $6.5 million campaign,” says Andrew Fisher, YMCA of the Okobojis CEO. “Our CVO-elect and key staff members returned from the conference on fire! Our association was working already through operational changes to better serve our local and camping community. The NAYDO Conference inspired and gave direction for our leadership to conduct a Community Conversation Series and a Feasibility Study before embarking on a structured campaign. NAYDO continues to provide a network of professionals that inspire and give us direction in developing a strong culture of philanthropy.” 

Cindy Rosa, Senior Director of Development and Engagement with YMCA of the Okobojis, says, “When you serve through a YMCA, it becomes your life, and it means a lot to have others who understand that culture and passion. As YMCA leaders, we strive to better our communities, and we can’t do that by ourselves. NAYDO is here to help with learning and networking through the annual conferences, webinars, and the relationships that are built along the way.”  

NAYDO is more than an outstanding annual conference: NAYDO provides year-round learning opportunities and a lifetime of friendships, networking, and relationships that allow your YMCA to serve your community at the highest level possible. It is the best investment your YMCA can make today and into the future.  

P.S. Be sure to attend Andrew’s workshop at NAYDO 2022 in Tampa to learn more about this comprehensive campaign.

Left to right: Nick Zimmer, Andrew Fisher, and Cindy Rosa

Digital Currency Donations

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin are popping up on social media and news headlines every day. People are increasingly buying and holding cryptocurrencies for fun, for investment purposes, or as a hedge against inflation. But, what is it and can it be accepted as a donation? You do not have to understand all the theory and technology behind cryptocurrency to gain the potential benefits of accepting this form of appreciated property as a donation. Brian Keel and Robyn Furness-Fallin, CFRE, from DBD Group have done the research and give you the essentials in this blog.

NAYDO 2022 Info

April 6-9, 2022 | Hosted by Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA

Download the NAYDO 2022 Conference Rates and Hotel Reservation information. Be sure to include NAYDO in your budget planning process! The complete conference brochure will be available when registration opens October 1.
Watch the Tampa 2022 videoTampa is the ideal location for April travel!

Make your hotel reservations. 40+% of hotel rooms are sold out.

Tips and Tactics  

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