News & updates from North American YMCA Development Organization    August 2020


Message from the NAYDO Chair

Dear NAYDO Members, 

Here are a few of my truths in today’s landscape:

- Nothing is the same.
- I am having to make excruciating decisions, which often keeps me up at night.
- I need a daily workout to clear my head and remain focused and positive.
- Staying connected with Y staff (and furloughed staff), volunteers and donors is more important today than it was    in January.
- I will forever be grateful for the extra time I’ve been able to spend with my family over the past five months.
- My focus right now is ensuring the Y remains strong for my daughter and future generations of McTighe-                Rippengales.
- NAYDO is needed now more than ever!

When I’m on a NAYDO call or leading a NAYDO meeting, I’m thinking bigger than just my Y. It broadens my view and my perspective. Our Y Movement has survived many crises, including world wars, recessions, and the Great Depression. I want to do my part to continue this heritage and legacy.

NAYDO is facing its own challenges, and we’ve had to make some difficult but necessary decisions, also. But, the desire to connect and network has never been stronger. The need for sharing and learning is paramount. The knowledge that others understand what I am experiencing is essential. It lifts my spirit and heals my soul to be part of such a meaningful organization of genuine, heartwarming, inspiring, uplifting colleagues and friends.

Please consider NAYDO your home – your safe space, your support team, your place to find resources … even if you don’t know what they are. Reach out to Mary, Kristen, or any NAYDO Council member whenever you need a sounding board, a listening ear, a new idea, or encouragement. We’re here for you. Together, we will remain NAYDO Strong.

Yours in Y service,

Shelly McTighe-Rippengale
YMCA of San Diego County
Senior Vice President & Chief Development Officer
NAYDO Council Chair

  • Monthly Webinar Series, sponsored by Daxko

    Thursday, August 20, 1:30 p.m. Central

    Planning Ahead: NAYDO survey helps to navigate through 2020 and 2021
    Gabriel Group to analyze trends, discuss responses, and suggest tactics

    Presenters: Alicia M. Lifrak, CFRE, Executive Vice President, and Amber Moore, Account Manager, Gabriel Group

    Your NAYDO survey responses provide a better understanding of where the Ys are with membership, fundraising, and revenue. That knowledge helps us to navigate the second half of the year. Gabriel Group will share overall responses and trends on COVID-19's impact to Ys, along with tactical suggestions to regain revenue through year-end.

  • Special August Webinar
    Thursday August 27, 1:30 p.m. Central

    Staying in Touch with Donors While COVID-19 Continues and Beyond

    Deb Brown, Salesforce
    Andrew Rogers, Traction Rec
    Darrick Chan, Salesforce
    Host: Justin Schumer, Salesforce

    What does donor stewardship look like these days? How will you communicate your new and emerging case for support to your stakeholders? With many Ys still closed and staff working from home, tools and tactics are shifting. We will explore digital platforms and how you can effectively communicate and engage your donors, including:
    - Communicating with different audiences in personalized ways
    - Meeting your donors at the right time, with the right message, via the right channel
    - Best practices for stewardship of your new COVID-19 donors
    - Hosting virtual events and classes
    - Digital omnichannel tools for fundraising

Music Inspiration
Listen to “Every Kinda People” by Robert Palmer
… with a '70s music video for added entertainment!

It takes every kind of people 
To make what life's about.
Every kind of people
To make the world go 'round.

NAYDO 2021 
Imagining Conferences - Part 2 of an eDevelopments Series

By Mary Zoller, NAYDO Operations and Conference Director

Part 2 of this series focuses on the educational aspects of the conference; the main reason YMCA staff and volunteers attend. Try imagining topics, timing and presenter requirements in today’s ever-changing world.

Workshop Topics
The Call for Presentations is open through August 20.

There is no playbook to share on how to succeed in financial development during a pandemic. YOU are creating those answers and tips every day in your YMCA. Please consider sharing what is working by submitting a workshop proposal.

If you need more time than the August 20 deadline allows, email to request a brief extension. If you are unsure about whether you will be able to attend/present in person, continue reading!

Workshops & Timing
As we learn more about all aspects of virtual conferences, one important aspect is workshop length.

1. It is recommended that virtual workshops be shorter than NAYDO’s typical 75-minute length. Our 2021 Call for Presentation mentions 60-minute time length. Just like in-person workshops, several minutes are needed for opening introductions and closing evaluation. Dedicated time for Q&A is highly recommended. Imagine concisely delivered content with opportunities to interact virtually with the presenters.

2. The time between virtual workshops should be longer than the typical 15 minutes allowed to get to the workshop room onsite. The recommendation is 30-45 minutes to ensure time for any technology or presenter issues to be handled by the conference staff and to allow a sufficient break for virtual attendees. Optional online activities and appointments can be available during the breaks for those who don’t feel they need a screen break. 

3. Another important aspect is that virtual conference workshops should not look or feel like just another Zoom session. We will have our traditional volunteer Workshop Conveners, but their tasks will be slightly different. Just like the in-person conference, the Convener makes sure the presenter is set with AV. The Convener may be dealing with several co-presenters in different locations and internet issues.

Everyone is new at this, so Orientations for Presenters and Conveners will be required.   

Presenter Attendance
Here’s one of the most unsettling aspects of living with this pandemic. We don’t know where the world will be in the second week of April with virus spread, treatment options, a vaccine, meeting restrictions, and travel safety along with local Y travel policies and the economic impact. Yes, UNCERTAINTY is the word.

Potential presenters are NOT REQUIRED to commit to travel to St. Louis. We understand that some presentations may only be accomplished virtually. That is OK. Please consider submitting a proposal regardless of whether you know you definitely cannot be physically present in St. Louis, you merely doubt you will be there in person, or you are confident about presenting live at America’s Center.

Hot Topics
One of the most popular parts of the annual NAYDO Conference is Hot Topics, designed for table groups with a facilitator. The venue has informed us that two people per table is the social distancing limit … not exactly a group discussion. Therefore, Hot Topics will become a virtual experience only at NAYDO 2021. Just like workshop presenters, Hot Topics Facilitators do not have to commit to traveling to St. Louis. In-person attendees will participate virtually in Hot Topics. Think of the benefits: you can attend more than two, you are guaranteed to have a seat, and you will be able to hear your group’s discussion, not the one next to you!

Have you attended a virtual conference recently? If so, let us know what ideas worked well and what suggestions you have for us to avoid! Contact

Membership Update 

What’s New with NAYDO Association Membership?
Upcoming Action Required by Your Y’s Contact

VERY IMPORTANT! Later today, the Association Contact for your YMCA’s Association Membership will receive an email invitation with subject line: "You are invited to NAYDO Association Membership 2020-2021."

Regardless of your previous renewal date, every Y Contact who wants their Y's Association Membership to continue needs to ACCEPT this invitation, select your Y's anticipated budget size at year end (just an estimate) to determine amount of your dues, and identify an Association Contact and an Alternate Contact.

There are 2 options for 2020-2021 Dues Payment:
Option 1: Pay Dues in Full - This option will help restart NAYDO's revenue stream which would be greatly appreciated. However,  we know your revenue is down as well so we have another option.

Option 2: Special Payment Plan - Make a $25 payment toward your total dues amount and contact the NAYDO Office to discuss timing on paying your balance, request membership financial assistance, or set up a payment plan.

Our goal is to work with every Y to continue their NAYDO membership, regardless of ability to pay at this time. Don't delay - Please contact the NAYDO Office at or 504 464 7845 and let us know your situation. Access to support for your philanthropic efforts is more important than ever before. We are eager to keep everyone receiving this message as a member.

In September, we will launch the Virtual Training Subscription for individuals whose YMCAs do not opt in to the Association Membership. This will replace the Individual Membership option. Watch for more information!

Annual Campaign
10 Tips to Create a Sense of Urgency in Fundraising Appeals 
Think like a donor. Creating a sense of urgency could be the deciding factor between a donor giving to the Y or to another organization they feel needs the money more urgently. This is why urgency matters.

Exhibitors Stay with NAYDO
We express our deepest gratitude to the exhibitors who rolled their 2020 conference fees over to 2021. Check out these NAYDO exhibitors. When you need to make a purchase or investment, please consider them first.

How to thank donors during a crisis – featuring Lynne Wester, Donor Relations Guru
Protect the long-term relationships with your donors! “One of the things nonprofits have to consider is that we're in it for the long haul and that relationships happen and unfold over many years and decades,” says Lynne. “Thanking donors—and even more than thanking, telling them what their money is doing—is really important." Do this as urgently as you ask for support. More tips

$27.20 is the estimated value of an hour of volunteer time in the U.S., according to Independent Sector. The estimated value jumped nearly 7% in 2019. Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Independent Sector found Washington, D.C., had the highest value for volunteer time, $44.14 an hour, while Puerto Rico had the lowest, $13.16 an hour.

Bonus! Check out the charitable sector in your state. Scroll down from home page. Profiles are snapshot of major statistics about each state’s charitable community.

More Useful Facts
85% of people who gave $1,000+ to a faith-based nonprofit in 2018 or 2019 say they expect to give the same or more this year.
60% of those say they expect to give the same amount.
25% say they giving will increase.
15% say it will decrease.
Only 8% say they plan to shift their giving to other causes/nonprofits because of COVID-19. The rest said their recipients will stay the same.
DickersonBakker constultancy collected 1,079 repsonses to an online survey, with margin of error of +/- 3%. The median amount resondents had given previously was $20k.

Board/Volunteer Development
Attention Board Members: You can support executives and lead by example without spending much time. Try these tips.

Donor Cultivation
How to Appeal to Donors of Color In this recorded Chronicle of Philanthropy online briefing, three experts share insights and advice to help fundraisers attract and engage donors of color.

NAYDO 2021 Hotel Reservations Open
Remember to use ONLY the hotel links found on the NAYDO Conference website and NOT any other email soliciations for St. Louis hotel rooms.

Donor Bill of Rights
It's always a good time to review the Association of Fundraising Professionals donor bill of rights. Here is the Spanish version.

eDevelopments Disclaimer
Unless they are NAYDO members, sponsors or exhibitors, the websites, consultants and other resources cited in these articles and links are not endorsed by NAYDO. The information is provided as food for thought only!

Have an accomplishment or inspirational Y story to share? Contact Kristen Obaranec.