Special Webinars

Focusing on fundraising during COVID-19


Staying in Touch with Donors While COVID-19 Continues and Beyond

Stephanie Andersen, Traction Rec
Deb Brown, Salesforce
Darrick Chan, Salesforce
Justin Schumer, Salesforce

The team explores digital platforms and how you can effectively communicate and engage your donors. 

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NAYDO Q&A Discussion Forum


Your questions, challenges, and ideas. NAYDO Council members respond and share what and how they are doing in this new phase of reopening and reacting to the unknown.

NAYDO Council participants:
Rick Callebs, YMCA Spartanburg CEO
Pam Havlick Hearn, CFRE, YMCA of Greater Monmouth County CDO
Zane Korytko, YMCA of Greater Moncton CEO
Angie Lassley, YMCA of Salina, KS CEO

Host: Carolyn Grady, YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh, SVP/CDO



Donor Engagement in the Era of Covid-19

Presenter: Steven Shattuck, Bloomerang

The spring of 2020 has brought unique challenges to fundraisers at organizations large and small. During this tumultuous and unprecedented time, what can fundraisers do to maintain donor support in a world that seems upside down? Drawing on data from over 4,000 nonprofits and eight specific case studies, Steven Shattuck from Bloomerang will reveal five key elements of successful fundraising campaigns during COVID-19 and beyond.

Learning objectives:
What types of outreach strategies have been effective
Inspiration for email content and virtual event formats
How fundraisers can stay positive during trying times

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Radical Stewardship

When your doors closed, your mission continued in new and urgent ways. As you told your story, donors – old and new – stepped up to support you. In many Ys, the members who stayed with you became donors! Now is the time for some Radical Stewardship to keep these donors informed, engaged, retained, and thanked!

DBD Group will offer practical ways to show your gratitude to donors from now until the end of the year.

Speakers from DBD Group:
Bruce Berglund, CFRE, President & Founder
Robyn Furness-Fallin, CFRE, Senior Consultant
Jan Brogdon, CFRE, Senior Consultant
Jon Simons, Executive Vice President

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Coronavirus Considerations for YMCA Camps

As NAYDO’s Camp Network Sponsor, CampDoc founder and CEO Dr. Michael Ambrose is presenting a special webinar to the NAYDO Camp Network and other interested YMCA staff.

On the webinar, Dr. Michael will address potential changes YMCA day and overnight camps will need to make this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He will provide tools and resources to help camps mitigate risk and prepare for a communicable disease outbreak.

- What can I do before camp begins to reduce the likelihood of an outbreak?
- What changes will I have to make during camp to help mitigate risk?
- What tools and resources are available to help my camp?

*Remember to check your state and local requirements!

Communicable Disease Plan template 

ACA-YMCA Field Guide  
Resources from Dr. Ambrose
Webinar recording



From Emergency to Emerging:

YMCA Fundraising for the Next Phase
As your YMCA continues to navigate this new landscape, how will you refine your message and adjust your plans in order to maximize fundraising as you slowly begin to open your doors?
  • Learnings from the first weeks of the crisis
  • Restructure your case for the coming months
  • Radically steward a whole new group of member donors
  • Beginning plans for year-end

The NAYDO discussion continues ... featuring DBD Group
Bruce Berglund, CFRE
Jan Brogdon, CFRE
Robyn Furness-Fallin, CFRE
Jon Simons

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YMCA Fundraising in Uncertain Times

A tactical discussion for YMCAs focusing on: 
● Lessons Learned from 9/11 and 2008-09 Recession
● Major Donor Conversations
● Your Annual Campaign|
● Donor Communications

Featuring Bruce Berglund CFRE, Robyn Furness-Fallin CFRE, Jan Brogdon CFRE, Lora Dow, and Jon Simons of DBD Group

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